About us



Miriam Glendenning

Miriam is an English teacher with fourteen years of experience.  She has worked for AQA as an examiner for 12 years, specialising in GCSE English language, creative reading and writing.  Miriam has always enjoyed working closely with her students to inspire confidence and so that they are mindful of their continued ability to always progress.   Her sessions are dotted with tips directly taken from the Chief Examiner.

Bryan Molin

Bryan is a Maths specialist, with fifteen years of GCSE teaching experience.  He is an examiner for Edexcel and also AQA.  He has an ability to bring his subject to life and 'wow' his students with techniques and knowledge of the most difficult of Maths problems.  An all round super teacher. 

Sarah Dickensen

Sarah is our motivational coach as well as being a Maths teacher for over thirty years.  She radiates enthusiasm in her dedicated workshops and brings 'shabaz' alongside wisdom and concise advice.   Students leave this workshop with a lighter and brighter view of the world.

Alex Stanbridge

 Alex is an MA Graduate in English Literature and an English teacher with more than 10 years of experience.  She is an AQA English Literature examiner.  Alex always ensures that the depth of her knowledge and her high intelligence is conveyed to students with a sparkle and a smile.

Elly Prappas

Elly is a Teacher of English who started her career in Australia.  She has a broad training in English Language and English Literature and can turn her talents to either.  Her assured style and consistent approach to engaging students means that they visibly progress with calm and serenity.